Seine Kongruangkit — art director

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Coca-Cola wants to  persuade people to protect the planet by purchasing the new returnable bottles. With the returnable, consumers will be able to return the empty bottle after they finish drinking, and get a discount on their new Coca Cola of choice. 

We created an online videos following the story of a returnable bottle and the different lives it lives as it goes from one hand to another. Each time the bottle is passed we use different transitions and illustration styles to represent a new person, a new story, and a new life.


Client: Coca Cola / Agency: AKQA Bloom

Agency: AKQA Bloom

Executive Creative Director: Jean Zamprogno, Fernando Pellizzaro

Creative Director: Rodolfo Fernandes

Account Director: Silvia Brihy

Stategy Director: Emma Riley, Gustavo Zilles

Producer: Estela Pereira

Project Manager: Eduardo Chijo

PR: Lais Pereira

Creatives: Seine Kongruangkit, Giovanna Ribeiro Pereira,

Alexa Bortz, Sera Takata, Patrick Chase

Production: Le Cube