Seine Kongruangkit— Art Director



Kia introduces its new brand positioning: Movement that inspires. The concept behind it is that whatever Kia does, every consumer touchpoint, and every product it creates is there to inspire you. To inspire Kia’s audience further we collaborated with artists and neuroscientists to create ideas that are scientifically proven to inspire people. Including a digital OOH campaign inspired by movements in nature, as well as a new sound logo and brand instrument.






Jr. Art Director


Innocean Berlin

The track “Every Single Move,” perfectly captures Kia’s philosophy that “movement inspires ideas” by reminding us that “nothing truly great ever came from standing still”. Renowned music video director, Courtney Philips, brought the track’s message to life in this music video.

We created the world’s first visual campaign that’s scientifically designed to inspire viewers. A series of visuals were developed in collaboration with neuroscientists and an art collective, Marshmallow Laser Feast. The team tracked the movements of different natural elements such as sand shifting, ocean waves, and the movement of dance. The fractal patterns created by these movements were used to develop neuroaesthetic animations.