Seine Kongruangkit — art director

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During TEDxAmazônia, experts with diverse perspectives gathered to explore strategies for preserving the Amazon, a crucial biome in the global climate crisis. We envisioned a metaphor where individual rivers symbolize interconnected minds supporting each other’s growth. This concept of unity and interdependence is further explored in the promotional film “Where Voices Converge,” which draws parallels between the collaborative process of generating ideas and the rivers becoming one. The film features woodcut art visuals and a poetic script narrated in three languages: Portuguese by Eduarda Parente, English by Nat Kelly, a Quechua environmentalist, and Nheengatu by Cauã Nobrega, an Indigenous representative from Alter do Chão, emphasizing the power of diverse voices converging for the greater good.



Client: TEDx / Agency: AKQA Bloom